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Glass block and vinyl review

"These guys are great! I have had a lot of contractors work on my  previous house and a couple here - but none cared for my things like  these guys - they worked very quick, efficient, quietly (except when  necessary - being real here) you would not know they had been here  except for the beautiful new basement glass block windows they  installed. They even closed doors behind themselves every time they went  through them... I just contracted with them to install six double hung  vinyls within the next month" 

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Egress review

"They put in an egress window in my wood foundation house and did an awesome job"

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A bystander gives a review!

"I did not have a job done by North Ridge, however, I was driving  near their job site in Grand Rapids today and a North Ridge employee stopped me  and asked if I would wait a minute while they were doing something to  the brick on a building. Bricks were falling down onto the road, and  they didn't want them to damage my car. I appreciate the professionalism  this company showed. Very sophisticated! I would definitely recommend  this business to anyone looking for masonry work!"

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Property Management Company review

"North Ridge has completed over a dozen projects for us now. We value quality, timeliness, and fair pricing and have found it time and time again with North Ridge Construction."

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Glass block in 1890s home review

"We're grateful for the service North Ridge Construction provided us! They installed glass block windows throughout our 1890s basement. The team was entirely friendly and efficient--two highly appreciated qualities (especially when you're dealing daily with contractors in your own home renovation)! We would hire them again."

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